‘One single drop of blue water’ by Sara Farinha

One single drop of blue water,1377948_567314236662495_255391285_n
A century lost in an uncaring sea.
What can I say that you haven’t heard?
Pain roped this tongue in nothing or wee.
Two drops running through my face,
Storm came, and with it, life.
Remembering a scared taste,
Knowing, this time, tears would not suffice.
Two drops of heavy water,
Ebbing this moisten story.
Remembering made a boat of the matter,
Floating in its blissful and shameful glory.
Where to turn? Where to look?
Swim ashore or keep following north?
Muscles sore, lost the sky hook.
Where to point? In darkness, where’s forth?
Emptied sea, rummaging wrecks, what to feel,
Drowning in a stream, just flowing water, searching gold,
Scavenging for what’s left, but there’s no air, just steel.
Search, opened the soul, its liquid exposed to cold.
Where to go? Where to flow?
One single drop, a battle for the unfair, a taste of soul.
Showing nothing, but still mighty scared,
Future lies elsewhere? How to grow?
After all, wet as shore sand, thick as fog air,
Admit, Know everything, can’t spare.
Pretend, Know nothing, don’t care.
We’re all on our way to nowhere.
Where’s land? What’s fair?
Through these storms, how to get there?
Everything’s in one single drop of blue water.
Will it disappear? Or stay and stare?


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